What Does 2018 Hold for Liverpool FC. 

We are now in 2018 and are looking forward to seeing what the year brings to the mighty LFC. We have being playing some great attacking football and think it can continue with the current team.

Whilst the Countinho transfer is still not resolved everyone at BoroReds is confident that we can use the money to purchase a few different players to add to our already great squad. We expect the transfer fee to be over £100 million which could help us get the defenders we need.

Remember we have always returned to the top of the table whenever we have sold our best attacking players, remember Luis.

Ticket Information

We have some interesting fixtures in the season left and thanks to the ticket website we are able to offer seats for the matches. We receive many emails requesting tickets for Liverpool, we do however only receive a small allocation and cannot meet all the requests. With this we always advise fans to try the official website for tickets.

Boro Reds

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