How To Get Liverpool FC Tickets

We are getting many requests from Liverpool football fans around the United Kingdom and the world for tickets to the games. BoroReds.co.uk only provide tickets to their supporters club members and therefore cannot provide them to any other fans. Each season Liverpool football club give supporters clubs a small amount of guaranteed tickets for each home and away game. With the demand from members it is difficult for everyone to receive the tickets they request. Each game is taken by a ballot system in which members put applications in several months in advance. To be able to apply it is important to be a member at the start of the season and put the request in online.

Where We Recommend

Aside from the official club channels, we definitely advise you go and look at the page dedicated to Liverpool fc tickets over at SafeFootballTickets.com. The website has been operating for over 4 years and offer update information, key for any Liverpool supporter looking to get seats to the match.

2018/2019  Season Tickets and Membership

This season is coming to a close fast, however we still have the games against Roma in the Champions League. As soon as the Champions League is completed we will be sure to post information on the 2018/2019 season and what the process will be for tickets. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and be notified when all the details are released. The team has been debating the creation of a new and improved platform for our members to use. This would include a forum, buy/sell ticket exchange and news blog which members will update on weekly basis. For any of our fans that would like to get involved then please be sure to contact us here.

Preseason Friendlies

For those lucky to be travelling to the US for the pre-season friendlies be sure to reach out on Facebook or Twitter, it would be great to meet with you and catch a game along with other fans. The plan is to attend two of the three games as a group and for those that want to meet.

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