How To Get Liverpool FC Tickets

We are getting many requests from Liverpool football fans around the United Kingdom and the world for tickets to the games. BoroReds.co.uk only provide tickets to their supporters club members and therefore cannot provide them to any other fans. Each season Liverpool football club give supporters clubs a small amount of guaranteed tickets for each home and away game. With the demand from members it is difficult for everyone to receive the tickets they request. Each game is taken by a ballot system in which members put applications in several months in advance. To be able to apply it is important to be a member at the start of the season and put the request in online.

Where We Recommend

Aside from the official club channels, we definitely advise you go and look at the page dedicated to Liverpool fc tickets over at SafeFootballTickets.com. The website has been operating for over 4 years and offer update information, key for any Liverpool supporter looking to get seats to the match.

2018/2019  Season Tickets and Membership

This season is coming to a close fast, however we still have the games against Roma in the Champions League. As soon as the Champions League is completed we will be sure to post information on the 2018/2019 season and what the process will be for tickets. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and be notified when all the details are released. The team has been debating the creation of a new and improved platform for our members to use. This would include a forum, buy/sell ticket exchange and news blog which members will update on weekly basis. For any of our fans that would like to get involved then please be sure to contact us here.

Preseason Friendlies

For those lucky to be travelling to the US for the pre-season friendlies be sure to reach out on Facebook or Twitter, it would be great to meet with you and catch a game along with other fans. The plan is to attend two of the three games as a group and for those that want to meet.

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The Season So Far of Liverpool FC

The season for Liverpool FC has been a mixed one so far but with the reds still in the Champions League then this potentially could be an amazing time. There has been many stories which have become news this season, especially when we sold Philipe Coutinho to FC Barcelona from an estimated £140 million which was fantastic business for the club. The best story of the season has been the transfer of Mohammed Salah from Roma which has turned into the bargain of the world. The Egyptian striker is now the hottest property in football, having scored over 30 goals already. The striker has teamed up amazingly with Firmino and Mane to create one of the most dangerous attacking teams in Europe.  Liverpool fans are eagerly awaiting the games against Manchester City in the Champions League, hoping we can win to progress to the Semi Final stages.

Hotels in Liverpool

If your looking for a Liverpool hotel then Sefton is a great place to stay and be close to all the amenities in the city.

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What Does 2018 Hold for Liverpool FC. 

We are now in 2018 and are looking forward to seeing what the year brings to the mighty LFC. We have being playing some great attacking football and think it can continue with the current team.

Whilst the Countinho transfer is still not resolved everyone at BoroReds is confident that we can use the money to purchase a few different players to add to our already great squad. We expect the transfer fee to be over £100 million which could help us get the defenders we need.

Remember we have always returned to the top of the table whenever we have sold our best attacking players, remember Luis.

Ticket Information

We have some interesting fixtures in the season left and thanks to the ticket website we are able to offer seats for the matches. We receive many emails requesting tickets for Liverpool, we do however only receive a small allocation and cannot meet all the requests. With this we always advise fans to try the official website for tickets.

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Steven Gerrard’s Last Season

So we have all come to terms with the fact that our Number 7 Steven Gerrard is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season to play for LA Galaxy in the US.

We will definitely miss the experience of this player but sometimes it is best to let the big players leave and start a fresh knowing that we can build for the next 10 years with the players that we have.

We at Scarborough will be traveling to all the last remaining games of the season to ensure we are present at his final games for the club. We fully expect to see Stevie G back at his boyhood club every year for the big games so it is not goodbye but see you soon and thank you for the service that you have given. You have been fully instrumental in some of the best moments of football over the past 10 years and some that will live in the lives of many.


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Boro Reds – The Scarborough Home of LFC


We want to wish all our fans and members a happy new year. We hope to see you again soon. Remember we will be updating this website with the fixture for the future matches of Liverpool. YNWA. Thanks for the year we spent at the best Yorkshire pub and to all our members.

As a Boro Red you will be joining the Liverpool Supporters Club for the Scarborough region. Our previous home has been Yates Bar in the city centre but we are currently looking for a better location especially for midweek games.


We want to accommodate the growing number of LFC supporters in Scarborough and the surround areas so by joining our supporters club this will enable us to get better premises and increase our bargaining position with bars etc.

We have a few places in mind where we are thinking of locating to so please join and we will send you the list. We will be holding a poll with all members and the winner will be chosen no later than the end of April.

We have taken into consideration the price of food and drinks, the location, parking and the general TV watching facilities in the area.

The official Liverpool FC website can be found  here and contains all the match information related to tickets etc.

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